Pantychrist pictures at left by Glenn Lawson

Thank you to everyone who has been coming out to the shows and rocked out and
hung out with us.  We've been having a blast.  Keep an eye on the shows page as
we are working on upcoming dates.  We have been doing web and radio interviews
and you can find some of those on the press and media pages.  A very big thank you
as well to everyone who has been buying our stuff: cd's, shirts, downloads, etc.  We
really appreciate the support and can't wait for you to hear the new material.  There
is a lot of stuff coming up in the near future so check back soon and keep an eye
on our facebook page as well for more pics and updates.

The brand new Pantychrist tune "No Gods No Masters" appears on a compilation
called 'Assault & BATtery' which is a benefit for Bat World Sanctuary.  It is one of the
top 5 most downloaded and listened to songs on the comp.  Show your support and
download the compilation at  You can listen to
the song on our mp3 player at the top of the page.

Pantychrist have been feverishly working on new material and at last count there
were 23 new songs set to worm their way out of the womb and into your earhole.  
From fast and pounding hardcore blasts to eerie rhythmic drones, every song has
it's own identity.  Danyell has been putting her stamp on each one and she's
gonna take you for a ride into a crazy twisted funhouse.

Video of new Pantychrist song "I Spy" captured at band practice after the 2013
Hamilton Zombie Walk was posted to YouTube.  It also contained footage of
Pantychrist's trek across the Post Apocalyptic Zombie Wasteland at the end.  It's
not going to be up much longer in it's present form so don't miss it.  The sound
quality is pretty raw.... just how we like our meat.  

Welcome to the revamped and expanded Pantychrist website.  We have lots of
other social and promo sites on the web, but this is home.   We've kept the look of
the V.3 site but reworked it into a more functional portal.  Some pages are still in
development, but take a look around as there is lots to check out.  Join the Street
Team and help spread the word on Pantychrist.    

Pantychrist issued a compilation cd entitled  Break It Down at the end of 2011.  It
contains 13 tracks with material ranging from the original first demo in
2004 to brand new recordings in 2011.  It has received glowing reviews
from Black Phoenix Rising and Punk News.  For more information and
ordering info click -here-

The Rise Of Pantychrist documentary appeared on YouTube in 2012. It was filmed
in 2007 and is a discussion with band members about the origins of Pantychrist,
their lives and the dynamics of playing in a female punk rock band. Additonal
commentary from Randy Rampage and others about Pantychrist and women in
the music scene.

The release of new Pantychrist material has been temporarily put on hold, but
ThE GiRLs NeXt DoOR 7" will be coming out shortly.  It is to be issued by Suburban
White Trash Records.  More info at a later date.

Danyell was featured in a collection of paintings created and displayed by Jennie
Philpott.  Read more about it -here-  A picture of the painting is at the right.  
You can visit Jennie at her site -here-

For those looking to buy an original cd version of Never Love Anything,  it has long
been sold out.  You can still find some copies online through
and it's worldwide sites.  Be warned that they are charging 'premium prices'
for new and used copies.  But if you have to get a physical copy that is our
suggestion.  For all the cyberpunx and the new digital generation, you can
download Never Love Anything from  Click the download icon.

Pantychrist hooked up with the Stranglehold Wrestling Federation back in 2007
for their Summer Shit Kickin' Show. Check out some pics and a review of that still
talked about night right -here-

Assault & BATtery Compilation
45 Band comp with the proceeds
going to Bat World Sanctuary.

Pantychrist  contributed  vocals
to the Losers After Midnight song
 "Axe Murderer".  Click -here-

Emma-O and Jen with Sumo
Cyco's Skye 'Sever' Sweetnam

Danyell and Cari with The Rotten's
Angi 'Spangi Dust' Orchard

Jen and Emma-O with Reagan
Youth's Tibbie X-Kamikaze

Danyell by Jennie Philpott

Danyell with Ian Decay